About us

After Henk Krol left politics, he started a B&B in Best together with Aldo Koning. You can also call it a design hotel. You will find it in the woods between Best and Son, just a few kilometers from Eindhoven.

Lunchroom and breakfast room

You can choose for breakfast, we are happy to bring it to your room, but you can also use it in the lunch and breakfast room. Every day we also serve fresh lunch dishes there. When the weather is good, our terrace beckons.


Aldo and Henk are very fond of dogs, but also very happy with the fact that deer from the wild pass directly on the terrace of the B&B almost every day. The guests find that enchanting. So we would like to keep it that way.

We must therefore refuse dogs that bark, and thereby drive the deer away. That also applies to large dogs. Small, quiet dogs on a leash are welcome. We do charge € 20 extra.