Unique place to stay
surrounded by nature

Our bed and breakfast has fourteen modern and comforteble rooms and is in fact an small hotel in the middle of the forest. All rooms are decorated according to the theme. Our pride is reflected in these themes. Whether you book a night alone, as a couple, or with friends, each room guagantrees you an unique experience in the heart of nature.

If you book on a Friday, if we have rooms available, you can take advantage of our extra interesting weekend package, 3 nights, 4 days.

If you book on a Monday, if we have rooms available, you can use our extra interesting midweek package, 4 nights, 5 days.


Aldo and Henk are very fond of dogs, but also very happy with the fact that deer from the wild pass directly on the terrace of the B&B almost every day.  The guests find that enchanting.  So we would like to keep it that way. We must therefore refuse dogs that bark, and thereby drive the deer away.  That also applies to large dogs. Small, quiet dogs on a leash are welcome. We do charge € 20 extra.

Luxurious rooms
Fourteen rooms different in theme and size, equipped with all conveniences. Tastefully modern and comfortable. Ideal stay for several days.
Wooded area
The first rays of the sun fall trough the trees. From the bed you can look directly into the forest where the deer quietly pass by. Optimal relaxation in beautiful nature.
Outdoor activities
Hours of walking and cycling pleasure through beautiful nature reserves in our immediate vicinity. Or go out with the whole group. There is plenty to do.
Free facilities
In addition to accommodations equipped with all conveniences, we are also happy to offer you our parking and wifi for free.

Our themed rooms

Taiwan - Balcony room

At the end of 2019, Henk Krol as a Member of Parliament ensured that the ties with Taiwan were tightened. Representatives of other political parties did not dare to join yet, but they did support his parliamentary mission.


Mariela Castro (Raul's daughter) is a Cuban politician and sexologist. She gained international fame as an emancipation fighter. She worked for years with Henk Krol who was editor-in-chief of the Best-based Gay Krant at the time.

Juan Gabriel

Juan Gabriel was one of the greatest musical geniuses in Latin America. Celebrated singer, composer, lyricist and arranger. He consciously chose to remain as unknown as possible elsewhere. By coincidence, Juan and Henk Krol became friends.


In 1977 Henk Krol and Mies Bouman organized the Miami Nightmare in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. All well-known artists and politicians from that time participated. With the proceeds he placed advertisements in Time and the Miami Herald against the hate preacher Anita Bryant.


Together with Martijn van Helvert and former US ambassador Pete Hoekstra, Henk Krol was the founder of the interparliamentary friendship group Netherlands - America, intended to exchange knowledge between representatives in both countries.

These visitors preceded you

What a lovely place, friendly staff, nicely decorated & clean.
I will come back here for sure.

Bart Mergler

Been there 3 times now, nice people hospitable, beautiful in the middle of nature

Ton Van Mourik

Super location, super service, super comfort.

Cora Mulder